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cancer, angiogenesis, stem cell, regeneration medicine

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  • 2006.04.01 - , Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Professor

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Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Completed 1997.03

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  • ISEH


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  • PSF1, a DNA replication factor expressed widely in stem and progenitor cells, drives tumorigenic and metastatic properties., Nagahama Y, Ueno M, Miyamoto S, Morii E, Minami T, Mochizuki N, Saya H, Takakura N, Cancer Res,70, 1215-1224, 2010.06, Papers

  • Both alleles of PSF1 are required for maintenance of pool size of immature hematopoietic cells and acute bone marrow regeneration., Ueno M, Itoh M, Sugihara K, Asano M, and Takakura N., BLOOD,113: 555-562, 2009.06, Papers

  • Spatial and temporal role of the apelin/APJ system in the caliber size regulation of blood vessels during angiogenesis., Kidoya H, Ueno M, Yamada Y, Mochizuki N, Nakata M, Yano T, Fujii R, and Takakura N., EMBO J,27:522-534, 2008.05, Papers

  • A role for hematopoietic stem cells in promoting angiogenesis., Takakura N, Watanabe T, Suenobu S, Yamada Y, Noda T, Ito Y, Satake M, and Suda T.,102, 2, 199-209, 2000.08, Papers

  • Critical role of the TIE2 endothelial cell receptor in the development of definitive hematopoiesis., Takakura N, Huang XL, Naruse T, Hamaguchi I, Dumont DJ, Yancopoulos GD, Suda T., Immunity,9 : 677-86, 1998.07, Papers

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  • Special, Pathophysiology of Apelin Signalling, YVES AUDIGIER, et al., Transworld reserach network, 2008.01

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  • BIO BUSINESS AWARD JAPAN, Nobuyuki Takakura, BIO BUSINESS AWARD JAPAN congress, 2011.03

  • 6th Molecular cardiovascular conferenceⅡ, Best Abstract Award, 2015.09


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  • International Conference, 16th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Vascular Biology, chair, 2018.09