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SAKURAI Fuminori


Gene Therapy, Virus, RNA, Nucleic acid therapeutics, Cancer

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  • 2010.04.01 - 2012.03.31, Molecular Pharamaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor

  • 2012.04.01 - , Medical Pharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor

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Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Completed 2001.03

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National Institute of Health Science 2003.04 - 2005.03
National Institute of Biomedical Innovation 2005.04 - 2010.03
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University 2010.04 -

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  • Clinical pharmacy-related, Virology-related, Pharmacology-related, Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry and physicochemistry-related

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  • Japan Society of Drug Delivery System


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  • Ablation of IL-17A leads to severe colitis in IL-10-deficient mice: implications of myeloid-derived suppressor cells and NO production., Tachibana M, Watanabe N, Koda Y, Oya Y, Kaminuma O, Katayama K, Fan Z, Sakurai F, Kawabata K, Hiroi T, Mizuguchi H, International immunology, 2019.11, Other

  • miR-27b-mediated suppression of aquaporin-11 expression in hepatocytes reduces HCV genomic RNA levels but not viral titers., Sakurai F, Hashimoto R, Inoue C, Wakabayashi K, Tsukamoto T, Imaizumi T, Andres TGM, Sakai E, Itsuki K, Sakamoto N, Wakita T, Mizuguchi H, Virology journal,16(1) 58, 2019.05, Papers

  • Systemically Administered Reovirus-Induced Downregulation of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α in Subcutaneous Tumors., Hotani T, Mizuguchi H, Sakurai F, Molecular therapy oncolytics,12 162-172, 2019.03, Papers

  • FGF signal is not required for hepatoblast differentiation of human iPS cells., Toba Y, Kiso A, Nakamae S, Sakurai F, Takayama K, Mizuguchi H, Scientific reports,9(1) 3713, 2019.03, Papers

  • A microRNA derived from adenovirus virus-associated RNAII promotes virus infection via post-transcriptional gene silencing, Wakabayashi K., Machitani M., Tachibana M., Sakurai F., Mizuguchi H., J. Virol.,93, e01265-18, 2019.01, Papers

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