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TADA Hirokazu


molecular electronics, molecular spintronics, organic field-effect transistor, thin film, surface, interface, SPM

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  • 2005.04.01 - , Department of Materials Engineering Science, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor

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The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Science Department of Chemistry Unfinished Doctor of Science 1993.05

Employment Record 【 display / non-display

Reseach Associate, School of Science, University of Tokyo 1989.05 - 1993.09
Researcher, Communications Research laboratory, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications 1993.10 - 1996.08
Lecturer, Department of Electronic Engineering, Kyoto University 1996.09 - 2000.03
Asscociate Professor, Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki National Research Institutes 2000.04 - 2005.03

Research topics 【 display / non-display

  • Molecular-based and Molecular-scale Electronics, Spintronics and Thermoelecronics
    Organic functional materials-related, Nanomaterials-related, Nanometer-scale chemistry-related, Nano/micro-systems-related, Applied condensed matter physics-related, Electric and electronic materials-related

Academic Society Membership 【 display / non-display

  • The Surface Science Society of Japan

  • The Physical Society of Japan

  • The Chemical Society of Japan

  • The Japan Soceity of Applied Physica


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Three Sites Molecular Orbital Controlled Single-Molecule Rectifier based on Perpendicularly Linked Porphyrin-Imide Dyads, Murni Handayani, Hirofumi Tanaka, Shinichi Katayose, Tatsuhiko Ohto, Zhijin Chen, Ryo Yamada, Hirokazu Tada, Takuji Ogawa, Nanoscale,accepted on 1st Nov, 2019.11, Papers

  • Structure and Dynamics of Water at Water-Graphene and Water-Hexagonal Boron Nitride Sheet Interfaces Revealed by Ab Initio Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy, Tatsuhiko Ohto, Hirokazu Tada, and Yuki Nagata, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.,20, 12979 (2018), 2018.04, Papers

  • Aggregation-Induced Emission Enhancement from Disilane-Bridged Donor−Acceptor−Donor Luminogens Based on the Triarylamine Functionality, Tsukasa Usuki, Masaki Shimada, Yoshinori Yamanoi, Tatsuhiko Ohto, Hirokazu Tada, Hidetaka Kasai, Eiji Nishibori, Hiroshi Nishihara, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, ,10, 12164 (2018), 2018.01, Papers

  • Magnetic Field Effect on Pentacene-Doped Sexithiophene Diodes, Song-Toan Pham, Marine Fayolle, Tatsuhiko Ohto, Hirokazu Tada, Appl. Phys. Lett., 111, 203303 (2017), 2017.11, Papers

  • Highly Luminescent 2D-Type Slab Crystals Based on a Molecular Charge-Transfer Complex as Promising Organic Light-Emitting Transistor Materials, Sang Kyu Park, Jin Hong Kim, Tatsuhiko Ohto, Ryo Yamada, Andrew O. F. Jones, Dong Ryeol Whang, Illhun Cho, Sangyoon Oh, Seung Hwa Hong, Ji Eon Kwon, Jong H. Kim, Yoann Olivier, Roland Fischer, Roland Resel, Johannes Gierschner, Hirokazu Tada, Soo Young Park, ADVANCED MATERIALS,1701346 (2017), 2017.09, Papers

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