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WAJIMA Yuusuke

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  • 2011.04.01 - , Division of Studies on Cultural Expressions, Graduate School of Letters, Associate Professor


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  • Making Samba-Reggae Inter-Asian: Japanese Drummers in Taiwanese Carnival Performance, Wajima, Yusuke,Inter-Asia Popular Music Study Group Conference, 2018.06, International Conference(Non Proceeding)

  • The Fake Sport by the Fake Japanese? : (Trans)nationalism and Americanization in Professional Wrestling in Japan and Korea, Wajima, Yusuke,Annual Conference of AAS, 2017.03, International Conference(Non Proceeding)

  • In Search of the Japanese Idol: From Nationwide Atraction to the Local/Transnational Subculture, Wajima, Yusuke,18th Biennial IASPM Conference, 2015.07, International Conference(Non Proceeding)

  • Transatlantic and Transpacific Connections in Popular Music: a case study on localization of ”Latin” music in East Asia , Wajima, Yusuke,HeKKSaGon University consortium 4th German-Japanese University Presidents' Conference, 2015.04, International Conference(Non Proceeding)

  • Dodonpa, a Latin Rhythm Made in Japan?: Transatlantic and Transpacific Connections in Popular Music, Wajima, Yusuke,Music Research Series Paper Presentation, 2015.02, Research Organization Report

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