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NOMURA Taishin


Biomedical engineering, Computational neuroscience, Motor Control

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  • 2002.03.01 - 2002.03.31, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Associate Professor

  • 2002.04.01 - 2004.03.31, Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Associate Professor

  • 2004.04.01 - , Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor

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Osaka University Faculty of Science  Graduated 1991.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Engineering Science  Completed 1993.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Engineering Science  Completed Ph.D. 1995.03

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Ritsumeikan University 2003.04 - 2004.03

Research topics 【 display / non-display

  • Nonlinear dynamical system theory and its application to biological phenomena. Human motor control during standing, walking and gaze. Neural control of movement, Physome and Systems Biology
    Biomedical engineering-related, Life, health and medical informatics-related, Soft computing-related, Cognitive science-related

Academic Society Membership 【 display / non-display

  • Japanese Society for Biological and Medical Engineering

  • The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers

  • IEEE



Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Phase resetting and intermittent control at the edge of stability in a simple biped model generates 1/f-like gait cycle variability, Fu C, Suzuki Y, Morasso P, Nomura T., Biological Cybernetics,114(1), 95-111, 2020.02, Papers

  • A model of the intermittent control strategy for stabilizing human quiet stance, Nomura, T., Suzuki, Y., Morasso, P., Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience, Dieter Jaeger and Ranu Jung, Editors , 1-10, 2020.02, Review Papers

  • Variability and stability of human upright stance: Homeodynamics in motor control systems, Taishin Nomura,第54回日本成人病(生活習慣病)学会学術集会, 33-33, 2020.01, Conference Report / Oral Presentation (In Japanese)

  • Intermittent control models for bipedal standing and gait (invited lecture), Taishin Nomura,Mathematical Physiology: Better health through mathematics. Dynamical diseases and mHealth: “treating rare events” at University of Montreal, 2019.11, International Conference(Non Proceeding)

  • Development of a robust methodology for evaluating a neural controller for stabilizing upright stance based on data assimilation with Bayesian inference, T. Nomura, Y. Suzuki, A. Nakamura, S. Sakoda, P. Morasso,Neuromodulation 2019 (Internationales Symposium zu Tiefer Hirnstimulation und Restaurativen Technologien), 2019.07, Conference Report / Oral Presentation

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • General, Sports and Brain, T. Tsumoto, K. Murofushi, I. Mori, T. Nomura, H. Mizusawa, T. Gunji, Y. Miyashita, Kuba Pro, ISBN, 978-4878051425, 2015.09

  • Textbook, Foundamentals of Biosysyems Modeling and Simulation, Yutaka Fukuoka, Takanori Uchiyama, Taishin Nomura, Corona Publishing Co., LTD., ISBN, 978-4-339-03371-7, 2015.04

  • Textbook, Harnessing Biological Complexity: An Introduction to Computational Physiology, Taishin Nomura, Yoshiyuki Asai, Springer, ISBN, 978-4431538790, 2011.01

Work 【 display / non-display

  •, Taishin Nomura, Yoshiyuki Asai, et al. ,, 2007.04

Awards 【 display / non-display

  • IOP (Institute of Physics) Publishing, Physiological Measurement: 2018 Reviewer Awards, Taishin Nomura, IOP (Institute of Physics) Publishing, 2019.03

Media report 【 display / non-display

  • Explroring School of Engineering Science at Osaka University , Nikkei, 2013.11

  • NHK Special Miracle Body, NHK, 2010.02


Lecture / Exhibition 【 display / non-display

  • International Symposium on BrainKorea 21 PLUS, Intermittent control during stance and gait (Keynote Lecture), 2017.09

  • Invited Talk: SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Bifurcation analysis of an intermittent control model during human quiet stance: A possible mechanism of postural sway, 2013.05

  • Invited Talk: NeuroInformatics 2010 , Integrated bioscience with Dynamic Brain Platform, 2010.08

  • International Symposium on Clinical Data-Utilization of Digital Clinical Data for future health care system, 2010.03

  • 10th ICB Seminar and 10th Polish-Japanese Seminar on New Trends in Biomedical and Clinical Engineering, Invited Talk: An Open Platform for Physiome and Systems Biology-Toward the Integrated Biosciences and Bioengineering, 2009.11

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Conference management 【 display / non-display

  • International Conference, 6th INCF Japan Node International Workshop Advances in Neuroinformatics (AINI 2018), Chair, 2018.12

  • International Conference, 8th International Workshop on Biosignal Interpretation, Program Chair, 2016.11

  • International Conference, 35th Annual Conference pf the IEEE EMBC, Thema Chair, 2013.07

  • International Conference, International Symposium on Physiome and Systems Biology for Integrated Life Sciences and Predictive Medicine, Symposium Chair, 2011.11

  • International Conference, 3rd MEI International Symposium, Physiome and Systems Biology for Integrated Life Sciences and Predictive Medicine, Symposium Chair, 2008.11

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Outside Activity Management 【 display / non-display

  • Academic society, Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering , Vice President, 2014.05 -

  • Academic society, Advanced Biomedical Engineering, 2013.01 -

  • Academic society, Japanese Society for Biological and Medical Engineering, Steering Committee, 2012.05 -

  • Other, Frontiers in Physiology, 2010.10 -