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HIRATA Yoshinori


Physics of materials processing, Welding engineering

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  • 1998.04.01 - 2004.03.31, Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor

  • 2004.04.01 - 2005.03.31, Graduate School of Engineering, Professor

  • 2005.04.01 - 2016.03.31, Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Professor

  • 2016.04.01 - 2018.07.31, Institute for Academic Initiatives, Specially Appointed Professor

  • 2018.08.01 - , Institute for Transdisciplinary Graduate Degree Programs, Specially Appointed Professor

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Osaka University Faculty of Engineering  Graduated 1974.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Completed 1976.03

Research topics 【 display / non-display

  • Thermal fluid analysis of weld phenomena
    Material processing and microstructure control-related

  • Research and development of plasma-beam heat source with high power density

  • 3D Numerical Model of Metal Transfer Phenomena
    Material processing and microstructure control-related

  • In citu observation of micro materials processing in scanning electron microscope
    Material processing and microstructure control-related, Nano/micro-systems-related


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Numerical analysis of arc plasma and weld pool formation by a tandem TIG arc, Y. Ogino, Y. Hirata, J. Kawata, K. Nomura, Welding in the World,Vol. 57, No. 3 (2013), pp. 411-423, 2013.04, Papers

  • 3D temperature measurement of tandem TIG arc plasma, K. Nomura, T. Kishi, K. Shirai, Y. Hirata, Welding in the World,57(5) 649-656, 2013.09, Papers

  • Numerical analysis of the heat source characteristics of a two-electrode TIG arc, Y. Ogino, Y. Hirata and K. Nomura, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,VOl. 44 (2011) 215202., 2011.05,, Papers

  • Features of Magnetic Controlled TIG Arc Plasma - Modeling and Experiment, K. Nomura, Y. Ogino, K. Murakami, Y. Hirata, Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena,Vol. 9, pp. 83-91, 2011.01, Papers

  • Field emission current and vacuum breakdown by a pointed cathode, Y.Hirata,K.Ozaki,U.Ikeda,M.Mizoshiri, thin solid films,Vo.515,No.9,4247-4250, 2007.03, Papers

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Textbook, Progress in Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design, Y.Hirata, et al., Springer, ISBN, 978-4-431-54063-2, 2013.01

  • Special, High Productivity Welding Processes, Y.Hirata, et al., Japan Welding Society, 2004.04

  • Textbook, Transport Phenomena, Itsuo Ohnaka, Toshimi Takagi, Tomio Okawa, Yoshinori Hirata, Tatsuyuki Okamoto, Isamu Yamauchi, Osaka University Press, ISBN, 4-87259-141-0, 2003.04

  • Other, Recent Technology of Arc Welding in Vessel and Pipe, Yoshinori Hirata, et al., Japan Welding Society, 2000.04

  • Other, Automation Technology of Arc Welding, 1996.04

Awards 【 display / non-display

  • Engineering Education Award, Japan Engineering Education Association, 2001.07

  • Journal of Japan Laser Processing Society Best Author Award, Satoru NOGUCHI, Etsuji OHMURA and Yoshinori Hirata, Japan Laser Processing Society, 2008.12

  • Annual reports of Osaka University (graphics 24) 2006-2007, H.Nishiyama, Y.Hirata, I.Miyamoto, and J.Nishii, Osaka University, 2007.07


Outside Activity Management 【 display / non-display

  • Academic society, International Institute of Welding, Board Director, 2012.07 - 2016.07

  • Academic society, International Institute of Welding, Chairman of IIW Commission XII: Arc welding process and production systems, 2011.01 - 2017.12

  • Academic society, International Institute of Welding, 2005.07 - 2012.07