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surgery,organ transplantation

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  • 1999.04.01 - 2007.03.31, Osaka University Hospital, Research Assistant

  • 2007.04.01 - , Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Professor

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Osaka University Faculty of Medicine  Graduated 1980.03

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  • Operative morbidity of living liver donors in Japan, Umeshita K., (Fujiwara K.), (Kiyosawa K.), (Makuuchi M.), (Satomi S.), (Sugimachi K.), (Tanaka K.), Monden M. , The Lancet,362(9385):687-90, 2003.08, Papers

  • Determination of the presence of interleukin-6 in bile after orthotopic liver transplantation. Its role in the diagnosis of acute rejection., K.Umeshita, M.Monden, T.Tono, Y.Hasuike, T.Kanai, M.Gotoh, T.Mori, A.Shaked, R.Busuttil, Annals of Surgery, 1996.01, Papers

  • Extracellular calcium protects cultured rat hepatocytes from injury caused by hypothermic preservation., K.Umeshita, M.Monden, T.Fujimori, H.Sakai, M.Gotoh, J.Okamura,T.Mori, Cryobiology, 1988.01, Papers

  • Quantitative Imaging: Quantification of Liver Shape on CT Using the Statistical Shape Model to Evaluate Hepatic Fibrosis, Hori M, Okada T, Higashiura K, Sato Y, Chen YW, Kim T, Onishi H, Eguchi H, Nagano H, Umeshita K, Wakasa K, Tomiyama N, Academic Radiology,22(3): 303-309, 2015.03, Papers

  • Perceptions of transplant surgery among living liver donors in Japan, Morooka Y,Umeshita K, . Progress in Transplantation,Accepted for publication on May 27, 2014., 2014.12, Papers

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