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Theoretical biology, biophysics, complex systems

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  • 2009.01.01 - 2013.03.31, Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Associate Professor

  • 2013.04.01 - , Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Associate Professor

  • 2013.04.01 - , Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences

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The University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering  Graduated 1996.03
The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of General Culture  Completed Ph. D 2001.03

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  • Physics of Complex Systems
    System genome science-related, Biophysics, chemical physics and soft matter physics-related, Biophysics-related, Evolutionary biology-related, Mathematical physics and fundamental theory of condensed matter physics-related

  • Theoretical Biology

  • Systems Biology
    Life, health and medical informatics-related, Developmental biology-related, Plant molecular biology and physiology-related


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Lateral Inhibition by a Peptide Hormone-Receptor Cascade during Arabidopsis Lateral Root Founder Cell Formation., Toyokura K, Goh T, Shinohara H, Shinoda A, Kondo Y, Okamoto Y, Uehara T, Fujimoto K, Okushima Y, Ikeyama Y, Nakajima K, Mimura T, Tasaka M, Matsubayashi Y, Fukaki H, Developmental cell, 2018.12, Papers

  • Competition for Space Is Controlled by Apoptosis-Induced Change of Local Epithelial Topology., Tsuboi A, Ohsawa S, Umetsu D, Sando Y, Kuranaga E, Igaki T, Fujimoto K, Current biology : CB, 2018.06,, Papers

  • A quantitative study of the diversity of stripe-forming processes in an arthropod cell-based field undergoing axis formation and growth., Hemmi N, Akiyama-Oda Y, Fujimoto K, Oda H, Developmental biology, 2018.05,, Other

  • Spiral phyllotaxis underlies constrained variation in Anemone (Ranunculaceae) tepal arrangement., Kitazawa MS, Fujimoto K, Journal of plant research, 2018.03,, Papers

  • Plant-inspired pipettes., Keigo Nakamura, Tetsuya Hisanaga, Koichi Fujimoto, Keiji Nakajima, Hirofumi Wada, J. of the Royal Society Interface, 2018.03,, Papers

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