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  • 2007.10.01 - 2013.05.31, Division of Studies on Cultural Dynamics, Graduate School of Letters, Associate Professor

  • 2013.06.01 - , Division of Studies on Cultural Dynamics, Graduate School of Letters, Professor

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  • History of Asia and Africa-related

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  • Japanese Association for Mongolian Studies


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  • When did ISHIHAMA Juntaro meet NAITO Konan? : an introduction to the new document Keisha Kiji, TSUTSUMI Kazuaki,関西大学東西学術研究所研究叢刊59,297-316, 2019.11, Papers(In Japanese)

  • History Education at a Large Research University: History Education Reform in the History Major at Osaka University, School of Letters, TSUTSUMI Kazuaki,Final Symposium“Globalizing University History Education: Diversity, Trans-borders and Intersectionality.”,panel4:1-9, 2019.08, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • Discovery of ISHIHAMA Juntaro's original manuscripts from ISHIHAMA collection: an introduction to learning of Chinese Literature at the end of the Meiji Era, as a document for the "Bunkai" in the first year of Taisho, TSUTSUMI Kazuaki, Machikaneyama Ronso Cultural Dynamics,52,21-39, 2018.12, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Current status of research at ISIHAMA collection, Osaka University Library, TSUTSUMI Kazuaki, Oriental and Occidental Studies and Cultural interaction: Juntaro ISHIHAMA's 50th Anniversary International Symposium Proceedings,第58回、99-108, 2018.10, International Conference(Proceedings)(In Japanese)

  • Oriental History concept in modern Japan and afterwards:Seen from textbooks and academic field formation, TSUTSUMI Kazuaki, The 12th International Academic Conference Modern China and the New Structure of East Asia: Historical Recognition of the 40th Anniversary of Chinese economic reform ,第12次・81-94, 2018.08, International Conference(Proceedings)(In Japanese)

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Other, Köke Tuγ/Blue flag (1941), held by ISHIHAMA collection, Osaka University, Osaka University Forum on China, Osaka University Forum on China, ISSN, ISSN2187-6487, 2018.06

  • Special, First draft of article index of Köke Tuγ /Blue flag (1941), Köke Tuγ/ Blue flag workshop, TANAKA Hitoshi, TSUTSUMI Kazuaki, Osaka University Forum on China, ISSN, ISSN 2187-6487, 2017.07

  • Textbook, Western History, MINAMIZUKA Shingo, AKITA Shigeru, TAKAZAWA Yukie, ed. ; TSUTSUMI Kazuaki, Minerva Shobo, ISBN, 978-4-623-06681-0, 2016.02

  • Special, The Social Change and International Relationship in Mordern China, Hitoshi Tanaka,Jiang pEI,Xu Yuming, China Press of Literature of Social Science, ISBN, 978-7-5097-3598-5, 2012.08

  • Special, The Institutional Transformation of the Republican China and Regional Order in East Asia, ISBN, 9784762928390, 2008.03

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  • Academic society, Japanese Association for Mongolian Studies, director, editor, 2008.05 -