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  • 2005.08.01 - 2007.03.31, Graduate School of Medicine, Research Assistant

  • 2007.04.01 - 2012.06.30, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

  • 2012.07.01 - 2013.03.31, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor

  • 2013.04.01 - 2018.03.31, Graduate School of Medicine, Professor

  • 2018.04.01 - , Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Professor

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Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Completed 2001.03

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  • Ophthalmology-related, Medical biochemistry-related


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  • Coordinated generation of multiple ocular-like cell lineages and fabrication of functional corneal epithelial cell sheets from human iPS cells., Hayashi, R., Ishikawa, Y., Katori, R., Sasamoto, Y., Taniwaki, Y., Takayanagi, H., Tsujikawa, M., Sekiguchi, K., Quantock, AJ., and Nishida, K., Nat Protoc.,12: 683-696, 2017.04, Papers

  • Outcomes of photorefractive keratectomy instead of phototherapeutic keratectomy for patients with granular corneal dystrophy type 2., Oya F, Soma T, Oie Y, Nakao T, Koh S, Tsujikawa M, Maeda N, Nishida K., Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. ,254(10):1999-2004, 2016.10, Papers

  • Association of ABCG1 With Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy in Chinese and Japanese., Ma L, Liu K, Tsujikawa M, Chen H, Brelen ME, Chan VC, Lai TY, Sayanagi K, Hara C, Hashida N, Tam PO, Young AL, Chen W, Nishida K, Pang CP, Chen LJ., Investigative Ophthalmology & visual Science,57:5758-63, 2016.10, Papers

  • A missense variant in FGD6 confers increased risk of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy., Huang L, Zhang H, Cheng CY, Wen F, Tam PO, Zhao P, Chen H, Li Z, Chen L, Tai Z, Yamashiro K, Deng S, Zhu X, Chen W, Cai L, Lu F, Li Y, Cheung CM, Shi Y, Miyake M, Lin Y, Gong B, Liu X, Sim KS, Yang J, Mori K, Zhang X, Cackett PD, Tsujikawa M, Nishida K, Hao F, Ma S, Lin H, Cheng J, Fei P, Lai TY, Tang S, Laude A, Inoue S, Yeo IY, Sakurada Y, Zhou Y, Iijima H, Honda S, Lei C, Zhang L, Zheng H, Jiang D, Zhu X, Wong TY, Khor CC, Pang CP, Yoshimura N, Yang Z., Nature genetics,48(6):640-7., 2016.06, Papers

  • Ethnic specific association of the CAV1/CAV2 locus with primary open-angle glaucoma., Rong SS, Chen LJ, Leung CK, Matsushita K, Jia L, Miki A, Chiang SW, Tam PO, Hashida N, Young AL, Tsujikawa M, Zhang M, Wang N, Nishida K, Pang CP., Sci Rep,6:27837, 2016.06, Papers

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