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Sociology, Social Psychology, Social Interaction, Conversation Analysis, Ethnomethodology, Discursive Psychology, Internationalisation of Higher Education, Conflict Studies

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  • 2010.12.01 - 2012.03.31, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Assistant Professor

  • 2012.04.01 - 2014.08.31, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Associate Professor

  • 2014.09.01 - 2016.03.31, Human Sciences, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Associate Professor

  • 2016.04.01 - , Graduate School of Human Sciences, Associate Professor

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Murdoch University School of Psychology Faculty of Health Sciences Completed PhD(Psychology) 2007.07

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  • Epistemic displays in technologically mediated cross-cultural interactions., Don Bysouth, Keiko Ikeda, IIEMCA International Conference, Living in the Material World, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding, Denmark, August 4-7, 2015.08, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • Collateral damage: An investigation of non-combatant teasing by American service personnel in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan., Don Bysouth, Sohail Jeloos-Haghi, Keiko Ikeda, Pragmatics & Society,6,3 pp.338-366, 2015.06, Papers

  • Multiparty participation and turn allocations in interaction with an avatar robot, Ikeda, Yamazaki, Yamazaki, Imai, Ono, Bysouth, Revisiting Participation, Language and Bodies in Interaction. University of Basel, Switzerland, June 24-27., 2015.06, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • "A Handbook for Enhancing English-Medium Program Quality and Practice: Towards Effective Teaching, Learning and Assessment" Beverley A. Yamamoto and Don Bysouth eds., Part Two, Chapter 8 "Syllabus Design", Kim Viktoriya, 2015.03, Other

  • Doing COIL in Japan, Ikeda, K., Bysouth, D., 7th Annual COIL Conference. The Expanding Landscape of COIL Practitioners, Networks, and Hubs: What’s Next? Centre for Collaborative Online International Learning, SUNY Global Centre, SUNY, New York, USA., 2015.03, International Conference(Proceedings)

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  • Textbook, The world created by kyosei studies, Nobuo Fujikawa, Osaka University Press, ISBN, ISBN978-4-87259-542-0, 2016.03

  • Textbook, Psychology of multicultural society, Don Bysouth, Osaka University Press, ISBN, 978-4-87259-542-0 C3030, 2016.03

  • Special, A handbook for enhancing English-medium program quality and practice: Towards effective teaching, learning and assessment., Yamamoto, B., Bysouth, D., Osaka University Press, ISBN, 978-4-87259-502-4 C3037, 2015.03

  • General, Japanese and English as lingua francas: Language choices for international students in contemporary Japan. In H. Haberland, D. Lonsmann, and B. Preisler (Eds.), Language Alternation, Language Choice and Language Encounter in International Education., Keiko Ikeda, Don Bysouth, Springer, 2013.10

  • General, Laughter and turn-taking: Warranting next speakership in multiparty interaction. In P. Glenn and L. Holt (Eds.), Studies of Laughter in Interaction., Keiko Ikeda, Don Bysouth, Continuum, ISBN, 9781441164797, 2013.07

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