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OOKOUCHI Yoshifumi


proton channel, neutrophils, migration




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  • 2008.04.01 - 2008.06.30, Division of Physiological Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Specially Appointed Researcher

  • 2008.07.01 - 2011.03.31, Division of Physiological Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

  • 2011.04.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

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Nagoya University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Completed 2005.11

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  • Physiology-related


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Analysis of membrane potential of phagosome in phagocytes, Yoshifumi Okochi, Hidekazu Tsutsui, Yasushi Okamura,60th international conference of the bioscience of lipids, 2019.06, Conference Report / Oral Presentation

  • Hv1/VSOP voltage-gated proton channel inhibits migration in response to fMLF in neutrophils, Yoshifumi Okochi, Yasushi Okamura, 学会発表, 2019.03, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • Molecular mechanisms of coupling to voltage sensors in voltage-evoked cellular signals., Yasushi Okamura, Yoshifumi Okochi, Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Series B, Physical and biological sciences,95(3) 111-135, 2019.03, Papers

  • Measurement o f membrane potential change in phagosome of phagocytes, Yoshifumi Okochi, Hidekazu Tsutsui and Yasushi Okamura,第95回日本生理学会大会, 2018.03, Conference Report / Oral Presentation

  • Unconventional role of voltage-gated proton channels (VSOP/Hv1) in regulation of microglial ROS production, Kawai T, Okochi Y, Ozaki T, Imura Y, Koizumi S, Yamazaki M, Abe M, Sakimura K, Yamashita T, Okamura Y, Journal of Neurochemistry,142(5):686-699., 2017.07, Papers

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