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MURATA Michihito



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  • 1999.04.01 - 2002.03.31, Division of Studies on Cultural Forms, Graduate School of Letters, Associate Professor

  • 2002.04.01 - , Division of Studies on Cultural Forms, Graduate School of Letters, Professor

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Osaka University Faculty of Literature  Graduated 1977.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Letters  Completed 1979.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Letters  Unfinished 1981.03

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  • The History and Spirit of Osaka, Murata, Michihito, OSAKA UNIVERSITY PROSPECTUS,2014号,pp.6-7, 2014.03, Other

  • The death of key political figures and the State and society in early modern Japan ―Research achievements and themes relating to the non-contact with impurity and ban on musical instruments decrees ―, 村田路人, Comparative History of the Civilizations Concerning Funerals and Commemoration of the Dead ―Relatives,Neighboring Societies and States―,pp._27-48, 2007.06, Papers

  • The abolish and restoration of the Fushimi City magistrate and the Sakai City magistrate in Genroku period and the local magistrate system of the Tokugawa shogunate, Michihito Murata,43, 1-25, 2003.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Inspection by Finance Magistrate Kanwo-Haruhide and Communicating the Advance Announcement,4, 1-18, 2001.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Prohibitios against the Musical Performances over the Region Surrounding the City of Osaka in the Early Modern Period, Michihito Murata,56, 1-36, 2000.10, Papers(In Japanese)

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Special, OSAKA The Merchants' Capital of Early Modern Japan, James L.MacClain,Wakita Osamu,Murata Michihito,et al., Cornell University Oress, 1999.08