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  • 2005.04.01 - , Human Sciences, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Professor

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  • Statistical science-related

  • Statistical science-related


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  • Some inequalities contrasting principal component and factor analyses solutions, Kohei Adachi & Nickolay T. Trendafilov, Japanese Journal of Statistics and Data Science,2(1) 31-47, 2019.05, Papers

  • Permutimin: Factor Rotation to Simple Structure with Permutation of Variables, Naoto Yamashita & Kohei Adachi, Multivariate Behavioral Research, 2019.04, Papers

  • Factor Analysis: Latent Variable, Matrix Decomposition, and Constrained Uniqueness Formulations, Kohei Adachi, WIREs Computational Statistcs,in press, 2019.03, Papers

  • Clustered Common Factor Exploration in Factor Analysis, Kohei Uno, Kohei Adachi, & Nickolay, T. Trendafilov, Psychometrika, 2019.03, Papers

  • Sparsest factor analysis for clustering variables: A matrix decomposition approach, Kohei Adachi & Nickolay T. Trendafilov, Advances in Data Analysis and Classification,12(3) 559-585, 2018.09, Papers

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  • International Conference, Data Science, Statistics, and Visualization (DSSV) 2019, Chairman of Local Organizing Committee, 2019.08