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Skin regeneration, Signal transduction, TR, MOT

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  • 2009.04.01 - 2011.03.31, Center for Advanced Science and Innovation, Specially Appointed Professor

  • 2011.04.01 - 2017.03.31, Office for University-Industry Collaboration, Specially Appointed Professor

  • 2017.04.01 - 2018.03.31, Office for Industry-University Co-Creation, Specially Appointed Professor

  • 2018.04.01 - , Medical Pharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Specially Appointed Professor

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Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Completed 1986.03

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  • The Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management

  • The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine

  • The Molecular Biology Society of Japan

  • Japanese Society for Chemical Biology

  • The Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy

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  • Anti-aging effects of Tilia cordata flower extracts, Kaori Zaiki, Koichi Nakaoji, Kzuhiko Hamada, Akito Maeda, Agricultural Biotechnology, 2, 8, 28-32., 2018.07, Review Papers(In Japanese)

  • Cinnamtannin B-1 promotes migration of mesenchymal stem cells and accelerates wound healing in mice., Fujita K, Kuge K, Ozawa N, Sahara S, Zaiki K, Nakaoji K, Hamada K, Taknaka Y, Tanahashi T, Tamai K, Kaneda Y. and Maeda A., PLoS ONE., 10, 1-17., 2015.12, Papers

  • Mallotus philippinensis bark extracts promote preferential migration of mesenchymal stem cells and improve wound healing in mice., Furumoto T, Ozawa N, Inami Y, Toyoshima M, Fujita K, Zaiki K, Sahara S, Akita M, Kitamura K, Nakaoji K, Hamada K, Tamai K, Kaneda Y, Maeda A., Phytomedicine,2,1247-53., 2014.03, Papers

  • HIG1, a novel regulator of mitochondrial γ-secretase, maintains normal mitochondrial function., Hayashi, H., Nakagami, H., Takeichi, M., Shimamura, M., Koibuchi, N., Oiki, E., Sato, N., Koriyama, H., Mori, M., Gerardo Araujo, R., Maeda, A., Morishita, R., Tamai, K., Kaneda, Y., FASEB J., 2012.06, Papers

  • Modification of a novel angiogenic peptide, AG30, for the development of novel therapeutic agents., Nakagami, H., Nishikawa, T., Tamura, N., Maeda, A., Hibino, H., Mochizuki, M., Shimosato, T., Moriya, T., Morishita, R.,Tamai, K., Tomono, K., Kaneda, Y. , J. Cell. Mol. Med. ,16, 1629-1639. , 2011.07, Papers

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