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ASAKAWA Masayuki


Theoretical Physics, Quark-Gluon Plasma, High Energy Nucleus Collisions, Quantum Chromodynamics


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  • 2004.04.01 - , Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Professor

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The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Science  Completed 1991.03

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  • Theoretical Physics, Quark-Gluon Plasma, High Energy Nuclear Collisions,
    Quantum Chromo Dynamics, Field Theory at Finite Tempereture/Density,
    Lattice Gauge Theory, Theory of Hadrons
    Theoretical studies related to particle-, nuclear-, cosmic ray and astro-physics


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Third Moments of Conserved Charges as Probes of QCD Phase Structure, M. Asakawa, S. Ejiri, and M. Kitazawa, Physical Review Letters,103 (2009) 262301, 2009.12, Papers

  • Transverse Velocity Dependence of the Proton-Antiproton Ratio as a Signature of the QCD Critical Point, M. Asakawa, S.A. Bass., B. Muller, and C. Nonaka, Physical Review Letters,101 (2008) 122302, 2008.09, Papers

  • Electric Charge Separation in Strong Transient Magnetic Fields, M. Asakawa, A. Majumder, and B. Muller, Physical Review C,81 (2010) 064912, 2010.06, Papers

  • Revealing Baryon Number Fluctuations from Proton Number Fluctuations in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, M. Kitazawa and M. Asakawa, Physical Review C,85 (2012) 021901, 2012.02, Papers

  • Issues with Search for Critical Point in QCD with Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, M. Asakawa, M. Kitazawa, B. M\"uller, Physical Review C,101(3), 034913, 1-3, 2020.03,, Papers

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