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public administration, policy of elderly care, study of Swedish society

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  • 2000.04.01 - 2007.03.31, Human Sciences, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Associate Professor

  • 2007.04.01 - 2013.03.31, Human Sciences, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Associate Professor

  • 2013.04.01 - , Human Sciences, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Professor

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Lund University  Graduate School, Division of Politics  1993.06
Gakushuin University Faculty of Law  Graduated 1987.03

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The University of Air 2017.04 -

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  • Social welfare-related

  • Social welfare-related

  • Social welfare-related

  • Social welfare-related


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  • Toyohiko Kagawa as a Japanese sho Saw Scandinavian Society before WWII,(23), 2019.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Marketization policies in different contexts: Consequences for home care workers in Germany, Japan and Sweden., Hildegard, Szebehely, M., Saito, Y., and Ishiguro, N., International Journal of Social Welfare,27(3) 215-225, 2018.07, Papers

  • Has the long-term care insurance contributed to de-familialization?: Familialization and marketization of eldercare in Japan (Chapter 17), Yayoi Saito, Handbook of Social Care Work in the World,241-255, 2018.01, Papers

  • Comparative Study of Home Helo for the Elderly among Japan and Nordic Countries:Focus on the concept of "Rationality of Care", Yayoi Saito, IDUN,247-264, 2015.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Comparative Study of Elder Care Work in Japan and Sweden, Yayoi Saito, Nobu Ishiguro, Yoko Yoshioka, Momoko Sato,12th Annual ESPAnet conference, 2014.09, International Conference(Proceedings)

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Special, 'Elderly Care Transition and Welfare State in Japan: "Traditional Care", "Modern Services", and "Late Modern Outputs"', Aulenbacher, B., Riegraf, B., and H. Theobald (eds), Social World, Care: Work, Relations, Regimes, ISBN, 978-3-8487-1514-5, 2014.08

  • Special, Global Social Welfare 3 Nordic Countries, Yayoi Saito, Nobu Ishiguro, Junposha, ISBN, 4845115972, 2019.08

  • Special, Marketising Trends in Nordic and Japanese Eldercare, Yayoi Saito, Nobu Ishiguro, Osaka University Press, ISBN, 978-4-87259-597-0, 2018.12

  • Special, Research Method for Comparative Welfare Governance, Welfare Governance and Social Work: Comparative Study by Interview Research with Vignette Inter, Yayoi Saito, Minervasyobo, ISBN, 978-4-623-07297-2, 2015.02

  • Translation, Hjalmar Branting i historisk perspektiv, Okazawa, N.(ed), Frontier of Nordic Studies, Agne Gustafsson (translated by Yayoi Saito), Minervashobo, ISBN, ISBN978-4-623-07200-2, 2015.01

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