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Tax Competition, Optimal Taxation, Relationship between Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth (theory and empirics); Voluntary Participation and Efficient Provision of Public Goods (theory and experiment)

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  • 2009.10.01 - 2015.12.31, Economics, Graduate School of Economics, Associate Professor

  • 2016.01.01 - , Economics, Graduate School of Economics, Professor


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  • Equilibrium leadership in tax competition models with capital ownership: a rejoinder, Jean Hindriks and Yukihiro Nishimura, International Tax and Public Finance, 2017.03, Papers

  • The Direction of Strategic Delegation and Voter Welfare in Asymmetric Tax Competition Models, 西村幸浩,The 2nd Belgian-Japanese Public Finance Workshop, 2017.03, Papers

  • Education Choices, Lomngevity and Optimal Policy in a Ben-Porth Economy, 西村幸浩,The 4th Chulalongkorn University-Osaka University Joint Workshop, 2016.12, Research Organization Report

  • Strategic delegation when public inputs for a global good are imperfect substitutes, Yukihiro Nishimura and Kimiko Terai, International Tax and Public Finance, 2016.06, Papers

  • Efficient Taxation with Differential Risks of Dependence and Mortality, Yukihiro Nishimura and Pierre Pestieau, Economics Bulletin,36.1: 52-57, 2016.02, Papers

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