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Geo-hazard prevention, Conservation of Cultural Property, Remote Sensing,

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  • 2003.04.01 - 2005.03.31, Graduate School of Engineering, Research Assistant

  • 2005.04.01 - 2007.03.31, Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Research Assistant

  • 2007.04.01 - , Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor

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Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Accomplished credits for doctoral program 2003.03

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Dept.of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering Osaka Univ., Assistant Prof. 2003.04 -

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  • Prediciton, monitoring and preventive technique of slope disaster
    Geotechnical engineering

  • Cultural assets study and museology

  • Environmental dynamic analysis, Civil and environmental engineering, Geotechnical engineering


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  • Estimation of Hydraulic Environment Behind The Mogao Grottoes Based On Geophysical Explorations And Laboratory Experiment, Keigo Koizumi, K.Oda, et al., Engineering Geology for Society and Territory, 71-74, 2015.08, Papers

  • Identification of Slopes with Higher Risk to Sediment Disasters due to Localized Torrential Rains based on Artificial Neural Networks and Mathematical Statistics, S. Ito, K. Oda, & K. Koizumi, Proceeding of the Twenty-fifth (2015) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference,740-746, 2015.06, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • Application of MEMS-based tilt sensor for slope disaster prevention, S. Kobashi, K. Koizumi, K. Oda, M. Takemoto, Y. Fujiwara, K. Kamide, Proceeding of the KansaiGeo-Symposium 2014,pp. 227-230, 2014.11, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Grasp of water infiltration hehavior up to shallow landslide in miniature slope, T. Onishi, K. Koizumi, K. Oda, T. Adrin, Proceeding of the KansaiGeo-Symposium 2014,pp.213-216, 2014.11, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Infiltration characteristics of rainwater into a slope composed of both weathered sand and mudstone layers cumulated alternately in beavy rain, Y. Usuki, K. Oda, K. Koizumi, S. Ito, Proceeding of the KansaiGeo-Symposium 2014,pp. 207-212, 2014.11, Papers(In Japanese)

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