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Catalysis, Photocatalysis, Photochemistry, Zeolite science、Carbon materials、XAFS

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  • 2004.01.01 - , Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Professor

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Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering  Graduated 1982.03
Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Completed 1984.03
Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Completed Ph.D. 1987.03

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Tohoku University, Prof. A. Tomita's group/ Assistant Professor 1987.04 - 1992.08
Tohoku University, Institute of Chemical Reaction Science/ Assistant Professor 1992.04 - 1992.08
The Pennsylvania State University, Prof. R. Radovic's Group/ Visinting Research Fellow 1992.07 - 1992.08
University of Osaka Prefecture, Prof. M. Anpo's group/ Assistant Professor 1992.09 - 1995.03
The University of Texas at Austin, Prof. M.E. Fox's group/ Visiting Research Fellow 1993.07 - 1993.10
University of Osaka Prefecture, Prof. M. Anpo's group/ Lecture 1995.04 - 1995.06
Osaka Prefecture University, Prof. M. Anpo's group/ Associate Professor 1995.07 - 2000.03
California Insititute of Technology (CALTECH), Prof. M.EM.Davis's group/ Visiting Research Fellow 1998.06 - 1999.08
Osaka Univeristy/ Professor 2004.01 -
Osaka University 2005.04 -
Paris University IV (UPMC), Prof. M. Che's group/ Invited Professor 2010.03 - 2010.04

Research topics 【 display / non-display

  • Design of enviromentally-friendly catalyst and photocatalyst (Single-site Photocatalysts & Nanostructured Catalysts)
    Nanometer-scale chemistry-related, Catalyst and resource chemical process-related, Inorganic materials and properties-related, Inorganic compounds and inorganic materials chemistry-related, Fundamental physical chemistry-related


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Recent Strategies Targeting the Efficient Hydrogen Production from Chemical Hydrogen Storage Materials over Carbon-supported Catalysts, M. Navlani-García, K. Mori, Y. Kuwahara and H. Yamashita, NPG Asia Materials,in press, 2018.04, Papers

  • Insights on Palladium Decorated Nitrogen-doped Carbon Xerogels for the Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid, 3. M. Navlani-García, D. Salinas-Torres, K. Mori, A. F. Léonard, Y. Kuwahara, N. Job, H. Yamashita, Catalsis Today,in press, 2018.04, Papers

  • Plasmonic Catalysis of Ag Nanoparticles Deposited on CeO2 Modified Mesoporous Silica for the Nitrostyrene Reduction under Light Irradiation Conditions, P. Verma, Y. Kuwahara, K. Mori, H. Yamashita, Elsevier,in press, 2018.04, Papers

  • Design of Single-Site Photocatalyst using Metal-Orgnaic Framework as Matrix, M. Wen, K. Mori, Y. Kuwahara, T. An, H. Yamashita, Chemistry - An Asian Journal,in press, 2018.04, Papers

  • Ruthenium(II)−Bipyridine/NanoC3N4 Hybrids: Tunable Photochemical Properties by Using Exchangeable Alkali Metal Cations , Kohsuke Mori, Daisuke Tatsumi, Tomoyuki Iwamoto, Yoichi Masui, Makoto Onaka, Hiromi Yamashita, Chemistry-An Asian Journal,in press, 2018.04, Papers

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Textbook, Thermodynamics: Fundamental&Excersices, Hiromi YAMASHITA et al., Asakura Publishing Co., ISBN, 9784254250367, 2010.03

  • Special, Nanostructred Photocatalysts: Advanced Functional Materials, Capter26, "Silica-supported Metal complex Photocatalysts", Kohsuke Mori, Hiromi Yamashita, Springer, 2016.06

  • Special, Nanostructured Photocatalysts,:Advanced Functional Materials, Capter14, "TiO2 Photocatalyst Supported on Surface-Modified Silica Supports", Yasutaka Kuwahara, Xufang Qian, Hiromi Yamashita, Springer publications, ISBN, 978-3-319-26077-8, 2016.06

  • Special, Nanostructured Photocatalysts:Advanced Functional Materials, Capter29, "Nanometal Loaded Metal-Organic-Framework Photocatalysts", Meicheng Wen, Yasutaka Kuwahara, Kohsuke Mori, Hiromi Yamashita, Springer publications, 2016.06

  • Special, Nanostructured Photocatalysts: Advanced Functional Materials, Capter9, "Application of Metal Ion Implantation for the Design of Visible Light-Responsive Titanium Oxide Photocatalysts", Hiromi Yamashita, Yuichi Ichihashi, Springer International Publishing, ISBN, 978-3-319-26079-2, 2016.06

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Patents / Utility models / Designs 【 display / non-display

  • United States, Catalyst and method of manusfacturing the same, 11/992,830(Registration), 2008.03

Awards 【 display / non-display

  • Award of Catalysis Society of Japan, Hiromi YAMASHITA, Catalysis Society of Japan, 2015.03

  • The Award of the Japanese Photochemistry Association, Hiromi YAMASHITA, The Japanese Photochemistry Association, 2009.09

  • Achievement Award of the Japan Institute of Metals (Physical Chemistry), Hiromi YAMASHITA, The Japan Institute of Metals, 2005.03

  • Progress Award from the Japan Petroleum Institute, Hiromi YAMASHITA, The Japan Petroleum Institute, 1998.06

  • Progress Award from the Catalysis Society of Japan, Hiromi YAMASHITA, The Catalysis Society of Japan, 1997.03

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Outside Activity Management 【 display / non-display

  • Academic society, The Chemical Society of Japan, Associate Editors (Bulletein of the Chemical Society of Japan), 2006.04 -