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  • 1999.04.01 - , Department of Law and Political Science, Graduate School of Law and Politics, Professor

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Kyoto University Faculty of Law  Graduated 1979.03
Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Law  Completed 1981.03
Ohio university   Completed 1985.11
Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Law  Accomplished credits for doctoral program 1987.03

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  • (The Shape of Mutuality in the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty-A Historical Perspecive of the New Defense Guidelines), SAKAMOTO Kazuya,113/,50-57, 1997, Other

  • In Search of Mutuality : On the Questions of the Treaty Area and the Prior Consultaion in the Revision of U. S. -Japan Security Treaty, SAKAMOTO Kazuya,/115,11-26, 1997, Papers

  • A Question Concerning the Making of the Prior Consultation Formula of U. S. -Japan Security Treaty : In the Event of an Emergency in the Korean Peninsula, SAKAMOTO Kazuya,46/4,121-149, 1996, Research Organization Report

  • Prime Minister Kishi's Decision to Revise the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, SAKAMOTO Kazuya,45/1,21-52, 1995, Research Organization Report

  • Nuclear Weapons and the US・Japanese Relationship : The Diplomatic Settlement of the Bikini Incident, SAKAMOTO Kazuya,16/,243-271, 1994, Papers

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