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  • 2007.05.01 - 2011.03.15, Division of Internal Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

  • 2011.03.16 - 2012.03.31, Course for Molecular Oral Biology and Dentistry, Graduate School of Dentistry, Assistant Professor

  • 2012.04.01 - 2013.03.31, Course for Oral Sciences, Graduate School of Dentistry, Assistant Professor

  • 2013.04.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

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Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences  Completed 2005.03

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  • Robust dose optimization under intrafraction organ motion and deformation
    Radiological sciences-related

  • Measurement-guided dose reconstruction
    Radiological sciences-related


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  • Deep learning-based virtual noncontrast CT for volumetric modulated arc therapy planning: Comparison with a dual-energy CT-based approach., Koike Y, Ohira S, Akino Y, Sagawa T, Yagi M, Ueda Y, Miyazaki M, Sumida I, Teshima T, Ogawa K, Medical physics,47(2) 371-379, 2020.01, Papers

  • Feasibility of synthetic computed tomography generated with an adversarial network for multi-sequence magnetic resonance-based brain radiotherapy., Koike Y, Akino Y, Sumida I, Shiomi H, Mizuno H, Yagi M, Isohashi F, Seo Y, Suzuki O, Ogawa K, Journal of radiation research,46(6):E185-E185, 2019.12, Papers

  • Evaluation of mouthpiece fixation devices for head and neck radiotherapy patients fabricated in PolyJet photopolymer by a 3D printer., Kitamori H, Sumida I, Tsujimoto T, Shimamoto H, Murakami S, Ohki M, Physica Medica,58 90-8, 2019.02, Papers

  • A 3-year follow-up study of radiotherapy using computed tomography-based image-guided brachytherapy for cervical cancer., Kawashima A, Isohashi F, Mabuchi S, Sawada K, Ueda Y, Kobayashi E, Matsumoto Y, Otani K, Tamari K, Seo Y, Suzuki O, Sumida I, Tomimatsu T, Kimura T, Ogawa K, Journal of radiation research, 2019.01, Other

  • High-dose rate intracavitary brachytherapy pretreatment dwell position verification using a transparent applicator., Otani Y, Sumida I, Nose T, Shimamoto S, Okubo H, Ogawa K, Journal of applied clinical medical physics,19(5) 428-434, 2018.09, Papers

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