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Earthquake engineering, Earthquake disaster prevention

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  • 2008.04.01 - , Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Professor

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Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering  Graduated 1979.03
Kobe University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Completed 1992.10

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  • Building structures and materials-related

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  • Japan Society of Seismic Isolation

  • Japan association for earthquake engineering

  • Architectural institute of JAPAN


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  • A fundamental study on the earthquake response reduction of base-isolated foundation backfilled using an improved compound geomaterial, Yuji Miyamoto, Atsushi Shimamura,Satoru Fujii,Fumiko Hoshizawa,Hisatoshi Kashiwa, Japan Architectural Review, Architectural Institute of Japan,Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 56–66, , 2018.01, Papers

  • Relative Seismic Risk Evaluatiom of Various Buildings Based on an Input Wave Field, Masahiro Iida, Masanori Iiba, Koichi Kusunoki, Yuji Miyamoto and Hiroshi Isoda, International Journal of Geomechanics, ASCE, Volume17/Issue9, 2017, 2017.09, Papers

  • Long period ground motion prediction in the Osaka basin for future Nankai Trough Earthquake, H. Kawabe, Y. Miyamoto, S. Tanaka,16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago, Chile,No. 1555, 2017.01, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • Lateral soil resistance of each pile in pile group by shaking table tests and its simulation analysis, H. Hirose, T. Nakano, Y. Miyamoto,16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago, Chile,No. 2731, 2017.01, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • Analytical Study on Simple Modeling for Lateral Resistance of Retaining Wall in Collision with a Base-Isolated Structure, T. Inubushi, Y. Miyamoto, T. Yamashita, T. Enomoto,16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago, Chile,No.1566, 2017.01, International Conference(Proceedings)

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