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superconducting electronics, scanning probe microscopy, nanomaterial science

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  • 2011.04.01 - , Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Assistant Professor

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Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Completed 2007.03

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  • IEEE


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  • Investigation on readout coil design for fluxed locked loop control of HTS rf-SQUID, Y. Miyato, H. Itozaki, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser.,871(1) 12078, 2017.07, Papers

  • Quantitative and high-resolution magnetic images obtained by STM-SQUID microscope with distance modulation technique, T. Yokocho, H. S-Akaba, Y. Miyato, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser.,871(1) 12073, 2017.07, Papers

  • Portable NIR bottled liquid explosive detector, H. Itozaki, M. Ono, S. Ito, K. Uekawa, Y. Miyato, and Hideo Sato-Akaba, Proc. SPIE, 9864・98640F, 2016.05, Papers

  • Liquid Explosive Detection Using Near Infrared LED, H. Itozaki, S. Ito, H. Sato-Akaba, and Y. Miyato, Proc. SPIE,9652・965207, 2015.10, Papers

  • Magnetic coupling between SQUID and Probe of STM-SQUID, K. Hisayama, Y. Matsui, Y. Miyato, and H. Itozaki, Phys. Procedia,65・189-192, 2015.06, Papers

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