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MAKOTO Kikuchi


Statistical Physics, Biophysics, Computational Physics

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  • 2000.04.01 - , Cybermedia Center, Professor

  • 2000.04.01 - , Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science

  • 2000.04.01 - , Department of Frontier Biosciences, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

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Tohoku University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Completed Doctor of Science 1986

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Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science Osaka University 1987.02 -
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of sciencs, Osaka University 1993.08 -
Professor, Cybermedia center, Osaka University 2000.04 -

Research topics 【 display / non-display

  • Molecular moter, Protein folding, Traffic flow, Critical phenomena, Methods of computer simulations
    Biophysics, chemical physics and soft matter physics-related, Mathematical physics and fundamental theory of condensed matter physics-related


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Scaling from Circuit Experiment to Real Traffic Based on Optimal Velocity Model, A.Nakayama, M.Kikuchi, A.Shibata, Y.Sugiyama, S.Tadaki and S.Yukawa, Traffic and Granular Flow '15,523-530, 2016.09, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • Characterizing and distinguishing free and jammed traffic flows from the distribution and correlation of experimental speed data, Shin-ichi Tadaki, Macoto Kikuchi, Akihiro Nakayama, Akihiro Shibata, Yuki Sugiyama and Satoshi Yukawa, New Journal of Physics,vol.18, 083022, 2016.08,, Papers

  • Quantitative explanation of circuit experiments and real traffic using the optimal velocity model, Akihiro Nakayama, Macoto Kikuchi, Akihiro Shibata, Yuki Sugiyama, Shin-ichi Tadaki, Satoshi Yukawa, New Journal of Physics,18, 043040, 2016.04, Papers

  • The interplay of intrinsic disorder and macromolecular crowding on alpha-synuclein fibril formation, Nobu C. Shirai and Macoto Kikuchi, Journal of chemical physics,vol.144, 055101, 2016.02,, Papers

  • Nucleotide-dependent structural fluctuations and regulation of microtubule-binding affinity of KIF1A, Ryo Kanada, Fumiko Takagi, Macoto Kikuchi, Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics,Vol. 83, Issue 5, p.809–819, 2015.05,, Papers

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • General, Bizarre Science, 2009.07

  • General, Happy is those who does not believe., Rika Kayama and Macoto Kikuchi, 2008.03