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  • 1998.04.01 - 2007.03.31, Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Research Assistant

  • 2007.04.01 - , Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor

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Akita University Faculty of Mining  Graduated 1987.03
Akita University Graduate School, Division of Mining  Completed 1989.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  2000.11

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  • TREND OF STUDIES ON HIGH-STRENGTH FRICTION GRIP BOLT JOINT, Nobuo NISHIMURA, Hisayuki AKIYAMA and Yoshinori KAMEI, Journal of Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering,No.675/I-55,pp.1-14.,No.675/I-55,pp.1-14., 2001.04, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Experimental study on Performance-Based Evaluation of HSFG Bolted Joint under High-Speed Impact Load, Mototsugu Yoshida, Yoshinori Kamei, Yoshihiro Sakino, 8th Japanese German Bridge Symposium 2009 Munich-Germany, 2009.08, International Conference(Proceedings)

  • Stochastic Evaluation on Limit Strength of HSFG Bolted Joints, Yoshinori KAMEI, Shigenori IMADA, Nobuo NISHIMURA,Vol.12, 2004.11, Papers(In Japanese)

  • An Experimental Study on Slip Strength of HSFG Bolted Joints of LP Steel Plate without Uniform Thickness Parts, Yoshinori Kamei, Takashi Nakamura, Hisayuki Akiyama, Masahide Takagi, and Nobuo Nishimura,Vol.~46A, pp.~1241-1250, 2000.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • An Analytical Study on Slip Strength of Multi HSFG Bolted Joints in Tention, Yoshinori Kamei, Masami Matsuno, and Nobuo Nishimura,No.~640/I-50, pp.~49-60, 2000.01, Papers(In Japanese)

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