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KISHI Masayuki


American Drama/the Other/History/Representation/Race/Gender/Cultural Identity/Empire/Imperialism/Politics/Colonialism/Postcolonialism/Postmodernism

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  • 2007.10.01 - , Studies in Language and Society, Graduate School of Language and Culture, Professor

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Kansai University Faculty of Literature  Graduated Bachelor of Arts 1978.03
Northwest Missouri State University, Graduate School, Division of Communications, English Completed M.A. 1980.05
Kansai University Graduate School, Division of Letters English Literature Accomplished credits for doctoral program 1987.03

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Osaka Institute of Technology, Part-time Instructor 1982.04 - 1988.03
Kinran College, Senior Lecturer 1987.04 - 1992.03
Kinran College, Associate Professor 1992.04 - 1999.03
Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Associate Professor 1999.04 - 2002.12
Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Professor 2003.01 - 2007.09

Research topics 【 display / non-display

  • Politics of American Drama
    Literature in general-related

  • The Relationship between Historical Representation and Cultural Identity in Modern American Drama
    Literature in general-related

  • American Drama and Queer Politics
    Literature in general-related

  • Imperialism, the Other, and Postcolonialism in American Drama
    Literature in general-related

  • The Relationship between Representations of Guns in American Literature and American Myths
    Literature in general-related

Academic Society Membership 【 display / non-display

  • Association for Theatre in Higher Education

  • The American Theatre and Drama Society

  • The American Drama Society of Japan

  • The American Literary Society of Japan

  • The English Literary Society of Japan

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Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Henry James, the Peak of his Playwriting and its True Value: The Saloon and The Outcry, KISHI, Masayuki, American Drama,30・28-46, 2019.05, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Awakening Visions: City of Bones and Bones People in August Wilson's `Twentieth-Century Cycle', KISHI, Masayuki, EX ORIENTE,第26号,pp. 49-70., 2019.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Dissection and Border Crossing: Body as a Postcolonial Spectacle in Suzan-Lori Parks's Plays, Masayuki KISHI, American Drama,28・29号・pp. 68-87., 2018.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Eugene O'Neill, Lyricism of Pity: Long Day's Journey into Night, Masayuki KISHI, Journal of Anglo-American Studies,42号・pp. 93-109., 2018.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Eugene O'Neill, the Tracings of Drama of Rebellion: Dialectic of Poet, Possessor, and the Haunted, Masayuki KISHI, American Drama,第26号(ユージーン・オニール特集III), pp. 1-18., 2015.03, Papers(In Japanese)

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Special, The Pursuit of Happiness and Its Consequences in American Literature, Masayuki KISHI, Takuya Nishitani, Keiko Nishiyama, Kastuaki Watanabe, et al., Kinseido, ISBN, 978-4-7647-1176-1 , 2018.02

  • Special, Politics of 20th century American Literature, Masayuki KISHI, ed.Katsuaki WATANABE, Koji OI, Sekaishisousha, ISBN, 9784790714750, 2010.06

  • Special, The Spiral of American Myths: Guns and American Literature, HANAOKA Shigeru, NAKA Ryoko, KISHI Masayuki, TSUJIMOTO Yoko, WATANABE Katsuaki, Eihosha, ISBN, 978-4-269-73017-5, 2007.03

  • Special, For Learners of 20th-Century American Literature, YAMASHITA Noboru, WATANABE Katsuaki, KISHI Masayuki, et al, Sekaishisosha, ISBN, 4-7907-1214-1, 2006.10

  • Other, G. Puccini, La Fanciulla Del West, KISHI, Masayuki, The New National Theatre Foundation, 2007.04