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biochemistry, cell biology, matrix biology


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  • 1998.04.01 - 2016.03.31, Institute for Protein Research, Professor

  • 2016.04.01 - , Institute for Protein Research, Professor

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Tokyo Institute of Technology Faculty of Science  Graduated B.A. 1973.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Completed M.S. 1975.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Completed Ph.D. 1978.03

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  • Molecular mechanisms of cell-extracellular interactions and their associated signal transduction

  • Profiling and reconstitution of customized extracellular microenvironment and their application to regeneration medicine and tissue engineering


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Laminin is the ECM niche for trophoblast stem cells., Kiyozumi, D., Nakano, I., Sato-Nishiuchi, R., Tanaka, S., and Sekiguchi, K., Life Sci. Alliance,in press., 2020.01, Papers

  • Laminin α2, α4, and α5 chains positively regulate migration and survival of oligodendrocyte precursor cells., Suzuki, N., Hyodo, M., Hayashi, C., Mabuchi, Y., Sekimoto, K., Onchi, C., Sekiguchi, K., and Akazawa., C., Sci. Rep.,9: 19882, 2019.12, Papers

  • Expression of polydom in dermal neurofibroma and surrounding dermis in von Recklinghausen's disease., Kamitani, T., Murota, H., Arase, N., Wataya-Kaneda, M., Sato-Nishiuchi, R., Sekiguchi, K., Okuzaki, D., Motooka, D., and Katayama I., J. Dermatol. Sci.,96:73-80, 2019.11, Papers

  • Bipartite mechanism for laminin-integrin interactions: Identification of the integrin-binding site in LG domains of the laminin α chain., Taniguchi, Y., Takizawa, M., Li, S., and Sekiguchi, K., Matrix Biol.,in press., 2019.10, Papers

  • Molecular profiling of the basement membrane of pluripotent epiblast cells in post-implantation stage mouse embryos., Futaki, S., Nakano, I., Kawasaki, M., Sanzen, N., Sekiguchi, K., Regen. Ther.,12:55-65, 2019.06, Papers

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Special, "Cell-substrate adhesion and signal transduction",in Multicellularity and Cell Adhesion Systems, Sekiguchi, K., Kyoritsu Shuppan, 2001.06

  • Special, Protocols for extracellular matrix biology, Methods in cell biology, Sekiguchi, K., Hirokawa Shoten, 2005.05

  • Special, Regenerative Medicine, Sekiguchi, K., CORONA, 2007.03

  • Special, Molecular basis of laminin-integrin interactions., Yamada, M., & Sekiguchi, K., Elsevier, 2015.12

  • Special, Biology of basement membrane proteins., Nishiuchi,R., and Sekiguchi, K., Nihon-Igakukan, 2007.06

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Patents / Utility models / Designs 【 display / non-display

  • Japan, Collagen I/IV composite gel, Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi,Sujiko Futaki, Ryoko Sato, Shunji Hattori, Youichi Koyama, Hitomi Fujisaki, 特許第5687829号(Registration), 2009.10, 2015.01

  • Japan, Modified laminin having collagen-binding molecule attached thereto, and use of same, Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi, Shaoliang Li, Ryoko Sato, 特許第5858411号(Registration), 2013.11, 2015.12