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KAMADA Toshirou

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  • 2006.07.01 - , Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Professor

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Tokyo Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering  Graduated 1986.03

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  • Civil engineering material, execution and construction management-related, Structure engineering and earthquake engineering-related

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  • Steel bridge deterioration data in Japan and modelling, Takashi Tamakoshi, Masahiro Shirato, Toshiro Kamada, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers- Bridge Engineering ,170(2), pp.133-146, 2017.05, Papers

  • Imaging defects in concrete structures using accumulated SIBIE, Sanghun Lee, Toshiro Kamada, Shinya Uchida and Daniel Linzell, Construction and Bulding Materials,67(2014)180-185, 2014.05, Papers

  • Introduction of a JCI Guideline: Practical Guideline for Investigation, Repair and Strengthening of Cracked Concrete Structures , Nobuaki Otsuki, Akiyuki Shimizu and Toshiro Kamada, Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Volume 8, Number 1, 2014.01, Papers

  • Damage Evaluation for Concrete Bridge Deck by Means of Stress Wave Technique, Tomoki,Shiotani, Hiroyasu Ohtsu, Hwa Kian Chai, Hiroshi Onishi, Toshiro Kamada, Journal of Bridge Engineering,Volume 17, Number 6, pp.847-856, 2012.11, Papers

  • Study of mechanisms of explosive spalling in high-strength concrete at high temperatures using acoustic emission, Mitsuo Ozawa,Shinya Uchida,Toshiro Kamada,Hiroaki Morimoto, Construction and Building Materials,Volume 37, Pages 621-628, 2012.09, Papers

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  • International Conference, 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Techmologies - SCMT3, 2013.08