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Bioorganic chemistry, Protein chemistry, Peptide chemistry, Glycochemistry

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  • 2009.04.01 - 2009.07.31, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Specially Appointed Researcher

  • 2010.09.01 - 2017.06.30, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Assistant Professor

  • 2017.07.01 - , Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Associate Professor


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  • Total Chemical Synthesis of a Non-Fibrillating Human Glycoinsulin,Mohammed, Akhter Hossain, Ryo Okamoto, John A. Karas, Praveen Praveen, Mengjie Liu, Briony E Forbes, John D. Wade, Yasuhiro Kajihara, J. Am. Chem. Soc.,in press, 2020.01, Papers

  • Chemical Modification of the N Termini of Unprotected Peptides for Semisynthesis of Modified Proteins by Utilizing a Hydrophilic Protecting Group, C. Chandrashekar, R.Okamoto, M. Izumi,Y. Kajihara., Chem. Eur. J,25 10197-10203, 2019.06, Papers

  • N,N-dimethylaminoxy carbonyl, a polar protecting group for efficient peptide synthesis, Okamoto R, Ono E, Izumi M, Kajihara Y, Frontiers in Chemistry,7(173), 2019.03, Papers

  • Regioselective α-peptide bond formation through the oxidation of amino thioacids., Okamoto R, Haraguchi T, Nomura K, Maki Y, Izumi M, Kajihara Y, Biochemistry,58 1672-1678, 2019.02, Papers

  • Monitoring of glycoprotein quality control system with a series of chemically synthesized homogeneous native and misfolded glycoproteins, Kiuchi T, Izumi M, Mukogawa Y, Shimad A, Okamoto R, Seko A, Sakono M, Taked Y, Ito Y, Kajihara Y, Journal of the American Chemical Society,140 17499-17507, 2018.11, Papers

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