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ENDOU Yoshimi


Nursing Practice ,Ego Development ,Patients with Schizophrenia

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  • 2005.09.01 - 2007.03.31, Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor

  • 2007.04.01 - 2013.03.31, Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor

  • 2013.04.01 - , Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Professor

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Chiba University Graduate School, Division of Nursing  Completed 2003.03

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Osaka Univercity Graduate School of Medicine associate professer 2005.09 - 2013.03

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  • Clinical nursing-related

  • Study of Progress with Crinical Competence of Newcomerxs in Psychiatric Nursing
    Clinical nursing-related

  • Nursing Care for Patients with Schizophrenia
    Clinical nursing-related

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  • Japan Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health nursing


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Self-harm and Suicide Attempts in a Japanese Psychiatric Hospital ., Tanimoto C,Yayama S,Suto S,Matoba K, Kajiwara T, Inoue M,Endo Y, Yamakawa M, Makimoto K., East Asian Archives of Psychiatry,28(1)23-27, 2018.03, Papers

  • Analysis of inedible substance ingestion at a Japanese psychiatric hospital. Psychogeriatics, Yayama S, Tanimoto C, Suto S, Matoba K, Inoue M, Endo Y, Yamakawa M, Makimoto K., Psychogeriatics,2017 Jan 27. , 2017.01, Papers

  • Experience of A daughter who lived with the mother of schizophrenia, Kyoko TANONAKA, Yoshimi ENDO, Kaori NAGAI, Emiko SHIBAYAMA, JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCE,10号・49-61, 2016.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Support for Children of parents with mental illness in Germany - The case of CHIMPS program -, Kyoko TANONAKA, Sachiko TSUCHIDA, Yoshimi ENDO, Journal of The Faculty of Health Science Bukkyo University,9号・71-83, 2015.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Self-management of People with Schizophrenia in Communities in Japan, 遠藤淑美 石川かおり,17Th International Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research Conference, 2011.09, International Conference(Proceedings)

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