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Sociological Theory, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Culture, Globalization, History of Banking

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  • 2019.06.16 - , Graduate School of Human Sciences, Associate Professor

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Osaka University / Associate Professor 2019.06 -

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  • Inazo Nitobe’s Bushido: Science or Fiction?, Christian Etzrodt, Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies/ejcjs,18(3): Article 8, 2018.12,, Papers

  • Modern Sovereign Money – Part II: A Synthesis of the Chicago Plan, Sovereign Money, and the Modern Money Theory, Christian Etzrodt, Open Journal of Social Sciences,6(9): 116-135, 2018.09,, Papers

  • Modern Sovereign Money – Part I: The Moral Hazard of Fractional Reserve Banking, Christian Etzrodt, Open Journal of Social Sciences,6(9): 101-115, 2018.09,, Papers

  • The Application of a Western-Style Liberal Arts Education Model in a Non-Western Environment: The Case of Japan, Christian Etzrodt, Ronald Hrebenar, Michael Lacktorin and Don Nilson, International Journal of Chinese Education,5: 65-84, 2016.01,, Papers

  • Max Weber’s Methodology: The Method of Falsification Applied to Text Interpretations, Christian Etzrodt, Open Journal of Philosophy,4: 345-359, 2014.07,, Papers

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  • Textbook, Action Theories in the Social Sciences: An Introduction, ISBN, 3-8252-2411-2, 2003.01

  • Other, Human Behaviour: A Synthesis of Microeconomic and Microsociological Theories, ISBN, 978-3896699886, 2001.01