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Daitoku Kinoshita Ryo

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  • 2019.04.01 - 2020.05.31, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Specially Appointed Researcher

  • 2020.06.01 - , Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Assistant Professor


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  • Bacteria-Induced Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in the Stomach Provide Immune Protection through Induction of IgA., Satoh-Takayama N, Kato T, Motomura Y, Kageyama T, Taguchi-Atarashi N, Kinoshita-Daitoku R, Kuroda E, Di Santo JP, Mimuro H, Moro K, Ohno H, Immunity,52(4) 635-649.e4, 2020.04, Papers

  • Mutational diversity in mutY deficient Helicobacter pylori and its effect on adaptation to the gastric environment., Kinoshita-Daitoku R, Kiga K, Sanada T, Ogura Y, Bo Z, Iida T, Yokomori R, Kuroda E, Tanaka M, Sood A, Suzuki T, Nakai K, Hayashi T, Mimuro H, Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 2020.03, Papers

  • Group A Streptococcus establishes pharynx infection by degrading the deoxyribonucleic acid of neutrophil extracellular traps., Tanaka M, Kinoshita-Daitoku R, Kiga K, Sanada T, Zhu B, Okano T, Aikawa C, Iida T, Ogura Y, Hayashi T, Okubo K, Kurosawa M, Hirahashi J, Suzuki T, Nakagawa I, Nangaku M, Mimuro H, Scientific reports,10(1) 3251, 2020.02, Papers

  • Ozone ultrafine bubble water induces the cellular signaling involved in oxidative stress responses in human periodontal ligament fibroblasts., Leewananthawet A, Arakawa S, Okano T, Daitoku Kinoshita R, Ashida H, Izumi Y, Suzuki T, Science and technology of advanced materials,20(1) 589-598, 2019.05, Papers