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Motomura Yasutaka

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  • 2018.12.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor


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  • Cell type-specific actions of Bcl11b in early T-lineage and group 2 innate lymphoid cells., Hosokawa H, Romero-Wolf M, Yang Q, Motomura Y, Levanon D, Groner Y, Moro K, Tanaka T, Rothenberg EV, The Journal of experimental medicine,217(1), 2020.01, Papers

  • The Neuropeptide CGRP Induces Bipolar Syndrome in Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells., Motomura Y, Kobayashi T, Moro K, Immunity,51(4) 598-600, 2019.10, Papers

  • Three-step transcriptional priming that drives the commitment of multipotent progenitors toward B cells., Miyai T, Takano J, Endo TA, Kawakami E, Agata Y, Motomura Y, Kubo M, Kashima Y, Suzuki Y, Kawamoto H, Ikawa T, Genes & development,32(2) 112-126, 2018.01, Other

  • Notch signaling enhances FcεRI-mediated cytokine production by mast cells through direct and indirect mechanisms., Nakano N, Nishiyama C, Yagita H, Hara M, Motomura Y, Kubo M, Okumura K, Ogawa H, Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950),194(9) 4535-4544, 2015.05, Other

  • NFIL3 orchestrates the emergence of common helper innate lymphoid cell precursors., Xu W, Domingues RG, Fonseca-Pereira D, Ferreira M, Ribeiro H, Lopez-Lastra S, Motomura Y, Moreira-Santos L, Bihl F, Braud V, Kee B, Brady H, Coles MC, Vosshenrich C, Kubo M, Di Santo JP, Veiga-Fernandes H, Cell reports,10(12) 2043-2054, 2015.03, Other

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