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  • 2018.11.01 - , Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor

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  • My research topics focus on environmental-economic impact assessment, environmental input-output analysis, life cycle assessment, energy policy and climate change, environmental management, risk assessment and chemical toxicity.
    Chemical substance influence on environment-related, Environmental impact assessment-related, Environmental load and risk assessment-related, Environmental policy and social systems-related, Environmental load reduction and remediation-related


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  • Input-output linear programming model to assess climate policy on greenhouse gas emission mitigation in Vietnam, Nguyen Hoa Thi, Kojima N and Tokai A , Environmental Systems and Decisions,39(1), 2018.07, Papers

  • Main drivers of carbon dioxide emissions in Vietnam trajectory 2000-2011: an input-output structural decomposition analysis, Nguyen Hoa Thi, Aviso KB, Dien LQ and Tokai A , Journal of Sustainable Development,11(4) 129-147, 2018.07, Papers

  • An Input-output linear programming model for mapping low-carbon scenarios for Vietnam – a projection for 2030, Nguyen Hoa Thi, Aviso KB, Dien LQ, Kojima N and Tokai A, Sustainable Production and Consumption,16 134-140, 2018.07, Papers

  • Structural analysis of interrelationship between economic activities and wastewater emissions in Vietnam in the period of 2000 -2011, Nguyen Hoa Thi, Aviso KB, Kojima N and Tokai A , Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy,201801, 2018.01, Papers

  • A model for multi-criterion disaster vulnerability assessment of economic systems: implications for Vietnam’s bioethanol policy, Hoa Nguyen Thi, Promentilla MAB, Yu KDS, and Aviso KB, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy,18(6) 1917-1929, 2016.02, Papers

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