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Deguchi Matsuo

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  • 2018.04.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Specially Appointed Researcher


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  • Vaccination strategy for epidemic viral diseases in healthcare workers: Cut-off for optimal immunization, Yoshioka N, Deguchi M, Hagiya H, Kagita M, Tsukamoto H, Takao M, Tomono K,251 78-81, 2019.01, Papers

  • Genomic reorganization by IS26 in a blaNDM-5-bearing FII plasmid of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from a patient in Japan, akeuchi D, Akeda Y, Yoshida H, Hagiya H, Yamamoto N, Nishi I, Yoshioka N, Sugawara Y, Sakamoto N, Shanmugakani RK, Deguchi M, Tomono K, Hamada S, J Med Microbio,67(9) 1221-1224, 2018.08, Papers

  • Available, Bed-sided, Comprehensive (ABC) score to a diagnosis of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection: a derivation and validation study., Yoshioka N, Deguchi M, Hagiya H, Yoshida H, Yamamoto N, Hashimoto S, Akeda Y, Tomono K, BMC infectious diseases,18(1):19, 2018.01, Papers