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Yamamoto Yohei

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  • 2018.01.01 - , Center for Frontier Oral Science, Graduate School of Dentistry, Assistant Professor


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  • F-actin and a type-II myosin are required for efficient clustering of the ER stress sensor Ire1, Ishiwata-Kimata Y, Yamamoto YH, Takizawa K, Kohno K, Kimata Y, Cell Struct Funct, 2013.02, Papers

  • A novel ER J-protein DNAJB12 accelerates ER-associated degradation of membrane proteins including CFTR., Yamamoto YH, Kimura T, Momohara S, Takeuchi M, Tani T, Kimata Y, Kadokura H, Kohno K. , Cell Struct Funct,35(2):107-16. , 2010.02, Papers