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Kuma Akiko



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  • 2017.12.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor


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  • Autophagy-monitoring and autophagy-deficient mice., Kuma A, Komatsu M, Mizushima N., Autophagy,13(10) 1619-1628, 2017.10, Review Papers

  • Transgenic rescue of Atg5-null mice from neonatal lethality with neuron-specific expression of ATG5: Systemic analysis of adult Atg5-deficient mice., Yoshii SR, Kuma A, Mizushima N, Autophagy,13(4) 763-764, 2017.04, Other

  • Systemic Analysis of Atg5-Null Mice Rescued from Neonatal Lethality by Transgenic ATG5 Expression in Neurons, Yoshii SR, Kuma A (co-first), Akashi T, Hara T, Yamamoto A, Kurikawa Y, Itakura E, Tsukamoto S, Shitara H, Eishi Y, Mizushima N., Developmental Cell,39(1) 116-130, 2016.10, Papers

  • Cycloheximide inhibits starvation-induced autophagy through mTORC1 activation, Watanabe-Asano T, Kuma A (co-first), Mizushima N., Biochem Biophys Res Commun.,445(2) 334-339, 2014.03, Papers

  • Differential contribution of insulin and amino acids to the mTORC1-autophagy pathway in the liver and muscle, Naito T, Kuma A, Mizushima N., J Biol Chem.,288(29) 21074-21081, 2013.07, Papers

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