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stem cell, micro-nanotechnology, tissue engineering


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  • 2017.11.01 - 2019.08.31, Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor

  • 2019.09.01 - , Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor

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The University of Tokushima Graduate School, Division of Medicine  Completed 2004.03

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Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Enzyme Research, University of Tokushima, Japan, 2004.04 - 2006.12
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, Yoshikawa Lab. Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, Japan 2007.01 - 2008.03
Research Associate, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan 2008.04 - 2013.01
Assistant Professor, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan Assistant Professor 2013.02 - 2017.02
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan 2017.03 - 2017.10
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Associate Professor 2017.11 - 2019.08
Department of design for tissue regeneration 2020.04 -

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  • Main research interests are to develop new tools and methodologies for applications in stem cell studies based on micro and nanofabrication technologies. In particular, our group has focused on creating in vitro cellular microenvironments, which have been shown to play in regulating cellular functions in vivo (i.e., human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs), neurons and cardiomyocytes). Indeed, the methods we developed allow establishing well-defined artificial regulatory cellular environments at nm~µm scales. By utilizing these artificial environments, we will be able to understand cellular environmental cues in detail and to precisely control cellular functions. Such new methodological developments lead us to prepare stem cells for future applications in drug screening, cell-based therapy and regenerative medicine.
    Morphology and anatomical structure-related, Biomedical engineering-related

Academic Society Membership 【 display / non-display

  • International Society for Stem Cell Research


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Circulatin re-entrant waves promote maturation of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes in self-organized tissue ring, Junjun Li, Lu Zhang, Leqian Yu, Itsunari Minami, Shigeru Miyagawa, Marcel Horning, Ji Dong, Jing Qiao, Xiang Qu, Ying Hua, Nanae Dujimoto, Yuji Shiba, Yang Zhao, Fuchou Tang, Yong Chen, Yoshiki Sawa*, Chao Tang*, Li Liu*, Communications Biology, 2020.03, Papers

  • Analysis of Circulating Waves in Tissue Rings Derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, Lu Zhang, Junjun Li, Li Liu*, Chao Tang*, Scientific Reports, 2020.02, Papers

  • Clonal Isolation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells on Nanofibrous Substrates Reveals an Advanced Sub-clone for Cardiomyocyte Differentiation, Leqian Yua, Junjun Li, Itsunari Minami, Xiang Qu, Shigeru Miyagawa, Nanae Fujimoto, Kouichi Hasegawa, Yong Chen, Yoshiki Sawa, Hidetoshi Kotera, Li Liu*, Advanced Healthcare Materials,8, 2019.05, Papers

  • Low Cell-Matrix Adhesion Reveals Two Novel Subtypes of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells, Yu, L., Li, J., Hong, J., Takashima, Y., Fujimoto, N., Nakajima, M., Yamamoto, A., Dong, X., Dang, Y., Hou, Y., Yang, W., Minami I., Okita, K., Tanaka M., Luo, C., Tang, F., Chen, Y., Tang, C*., Kotera, H*., Liu, L.*, Stem Cell Reports,11,1,142,156, 2018.06, Papers

  • Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Tissue-Like Constructs for Repairing of the Infarcted Myocardium, Li, J., Minami, I., Shiozaki, M., Yu, L., Yajima, S., Miyagawa, S., Shiba, Y., Morone, N., Fukushima, S., Yoshioka, M., Li, S., Qiao, J., Li, X., Wang, L., Kotera, H., Nakatsuji, N., Sawa, Y. *, Chen, Y.*, Liu, L.*, Stem Cell Reports,9(5) 1546-1559, 2017.11, Papers

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