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  • 2017.10.01 - , Studies in Language and Society, Graduate School of Language and Culture, Associate Professor


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  • From Virtue to Virtues – The Development of Virtue-Ethic in Ancient Greece and China, Rappe, G., Sammelband: Understanding, Interpretation, and Confucian Tradition: Comparative Perspective, 2010.04, Research Organization Report

  • Intercultural Philosophy: Ancient Greek and Chinese Thought from a Cross Cultural Perspective, Rappe, G., Sammelband: Comparative and Intercultural Philosophy, 2009.04, Research Organization Report

  • Mengzi and Kaibara Ekiken: Ethics from a Cross-Cultural Perspective , Rappe, G., Sammelband: The Book of Mencius and its Reception in China and Beyond, 2008.04, Research Organization Report

  • Life–Nourishment and Ethics –– Kaibara Ekiken's Yôjôkun as a Synthesis of Knowledge and Practice in a Cross-cultural Perspective, Rappe, G., Series: Comparative Cultural Science, 2006.10, Research Organization Report

  • Comparing Greek and Chinese Ancient Ethics: The Example of Virtue-Ethics, Rappe, G., Series: Comparative Cultural Science, 2006.08, Research Organization Report

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