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Komoto Yuki


single-molecule junction, Break Junction

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  • 2017.10.01 - 2018.10.31, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Assistant Professor

  • 2018.11.01 - , The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Assistant Professor

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  • Nanomaterials-related


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Key aurophilic motif for robust quantum-tunneling-based characterization of a nucleoside analogue marker, Takafumi Furuhata, Yuki Komoto, Takahito Ohshiro, Masateru Taniguchi*, Ryosuke Ueki, Shinsuke Sando*, Chemical Science,11(37), 10135-10142, 2020.10, Papers

  • Dissecting Time-Evolved Conductance Behavior of Single Molecule Junctions by Nonparametric Machine Learning, Bo Liu*, Sanae Murayama, Yuki Komoto, Makusu Tsutsui*, Masateru Taniguchi, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,11(16), 6567-6572, 2020.08, Papers

  • Time-resolved neurotransmitter detection in mouse brain tissue using an artificial intelligence-nanogap, Yuki Komoto, Takahito Ohshiro, Takeshi Yoshida, Etsuko Tarusawa, Takeshi Yagi, Takashi Washio, Masateru Taniguchi*, Scientific Reports,10(1), 11244(1-7), 2020.07, Papers

  • Thermally activated charge transport in carbon atom chains, Bo Liu*, Kazumichi Yokota, Yuki Komoto, Makusu Tsutsui*, Masateru Taniguchi*, Nanoscale,12(20), 11001-11007, 2020.05, Papers

  • High-Precision Single-Molecule Identification Based on Single-Molecule Information within a Noisy Matrix, Masateru Taniguchi, Takahito Ohshiro, Yuki Komoto, Takayuki Takaai, Takeshi Yoshida, Takashi Washio, Journal of Physical Chemistry C,123(25), 15867-15873, 2019.06, Papers

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