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  • 2017.09.01 - , Course for Oral Sciences, Graduate School of Dentistry, Assistant Professor

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Kyushu Dental College Faculty of Dentistry  Graduated 2008.03
Tokyo Medical and Dental University   Completed 2013.03

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  • 慢性間歇的低酸素負荷によるラット口腔顔面領域における体性感覚の変調, 岸本沙樹、片桐綾乃、大山口藍子、丹羽 均、加藤隆史,The 61st Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Oral Biology, 2019.10, Conference Report / Oral Presentation

  • Functional involvement of nucleus tractus solitarii neurons projecting to the parabrachial nucleus in trigeminal neuropathic pain., Okada S, Katagiri A *, Saito H, Lee J, Ohara K, Iinuma T and Iwata K., Journal of Oral Science,2019;61(2):370-378, 2019.06, Papers

  • Differential activation of ascending noxious pathways associated with trigeminal nerve injury., Okada S, Katagiri A *, Saito H, Lee J, Ohara K, Iinuma T, Bereiter DA, and Iwata K. , PAIN,2019 Jun;160(6):1342-1360, 2019.06, Papers

  • Upregulation of calcitonin gene-related peptide, neuronal nitric oxide synthase, and phosphorylated extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 in the trigeminal ganglion following bright light stimulation to the eye in rats., Okada S, Saito H, Matsuura Y, Mikuzuki L, Sugawara S, Ohara K, Lee J, Iinuma T, Katagiri A *, Iwata K., Journal of Oral Science,2019;61(1):146-155, 2019.03, Papers

  • Prevention of Dry-Eye Pain by Diquafosol Sodium Administration., Ayano Katagiri, Koichi Iwata,9th Federation of the Asian and Oceanian Physiological Societies Congress, 2019.03, International Conference(Proceedings)

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