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Nagao Koji


Epigenetics, chromosomal structure

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  • 2017.04.01 - , Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Associate Professor

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Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Accomplished credits for doctoral program 2005.03

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  • Cell biology
    Cell biology-related

  • Molecular biology
    Molecular biology-related

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  • Genome-wide stability of the DNA replication program in single mammalian cells., Takahashi S, Miura H, Shibata T, Nagao K, Okumura K, Ogata M, Obuse C, Takebayashi SI, Hiratani I, Nature genetics,51(3) 529-540, 2019.03, Other

  • Role of SmcHD1 in establishment of epigenetic states required for the maintenance of the X-inactivated state in mice., Sakakibara Y, Nagao K, Blewitt M, Sasaki H, Obuse C, Sado T, Development (Cambridge, England),145(18), 2018.09, Other

  • Nucleosomes around a mismatched base pair are excluded via an Msh2-dependent reaction with the aid of SNF2 family ATPase Smarcad1., Terui R, Nagao K, Kawasoe Y, Taki K, Higashi TL, Tanaka S, Nakagawa T, Obuse C, Masukata H, Takahashi TS, Genes & development,32(11-12) 806-821, 2018.06, Papers

  • Defects in dosage compensation impact global gene regulation in the mouse trophoblast., Sakata Y*, Nagao K*, Hoki Y, Sasaki H, Obuse C, Sado T, Development (Cambridge, England),144(15) 2784-2797, 2017.08, Other

  • Inhibition of RIF1 by SCAI Allows BRCA1-Mediated Repair, Isobe SY., Nagao K., Nozaki N., Kimura H., Obuse C., Cell Reports, 2017.07, Papers

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