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Imai Hiroshi


Life science, Structural biology, Electron microscopy, Image processing, Motor protein.

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  • 2017.04.01 - , Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Assistant Professor

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University of Leeds 2009.04 - 2015.03

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  • Electron microscopy studies of dynein: From subdomains to microtubule-bound assemblies., Anthony J. Roberts, Katerina Toropova, Hiroshi Imai, Handbook of Dynein (Second Edition),chapter 3, 2019.06, Review Papers

  • Direct observation shows superposition and large scale flexibility within cytoplasmic dynein motors moving along microtubules, Hiroshi Imai, Tomohiro Shima, Kazuo Sutoh, Matthew L. Walker, Peter J. Knight, Takahide Kon & Stan A. Burgess, Nature Communications,Nature Communications 6, Article number: 8179 (2015), 2015.09,, Papers

  • Dynactin 3D structure: implications for assembly and dynein binding., Imai H, Narita A, Maéda Y, Schroer TA., Journal of Molecular Biology,426(19):3262-3271, 2014.09, Papers