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Matsumoto Hironori


astrophysics, X-ray


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  • 2017.04.01 - , Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science, Professor

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Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Completed 1998.03

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  • Interaction between molecular clouds and MeV-TeV cosmic-ray protons escaped from supernova remnants, Makino, Ken; Fujita, Yutaka; Nobukawa, Kumiko K.; Matsumoto, Hironori; Ohira, Yutaka, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,71(4) id. 78, 2019.08, Papers

  • Universal detection of high-temperature emission in X-ray isolated neutron stars, Yoneyama, T., Hayashida, K., Nakajima, H., Matsumoto, H., Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,71(1) id. 17, 2019.01,, Papers

  • Detection of polarized gamma-ray emission from the Crab nebula with the Hitomi Soft Gamma-ray Detector, Hitomi collaboration, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,70(6) 113, 2018.12,, Papers

  • A Spatially Resolved Study of X-Ray Properties in Superbubble 30 Dor C with XMM-Newton, Babazaki, Yasunori; Mitsuishi, Ikuyuki; Matsumoto, Hironori; Sano, Hidetoshi; Yamane, Yumiko; Yoshiike, Satoshi; Fukui, Yasuo, The Astrophysical Journal,Volume 864, Issue 1, article id. 12, 8 pp., 2018.09, Papers

  • Soft x-ray imaging telescope (Xtend) onboard X-ray Astronomy Recovery Mission (XARM), Hayashida, K., Tomida, H., Mori, K., et al., Proceedings of the SPIE,Volume 10699, id. 1069923 11 pp., 2018.07, International Conference(Proceedings)

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