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UEDA Yasuyuki


Radiological Technology,Medical Informatics

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  • 2017.04.01 - , Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

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Kyushu University Graduate School of Medical Sciences Department of Health Sciences Completed Ph.D. (Health Science) 2016.03

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Department of Radiological Technology, Yamaguchi University Hospital: Radiological Technologist 2005.04 - 2017.03

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  • Radiological sciences-related

  • Life, health and medical informatics-related

Academic Society Membership 【 display / non-display

  • JSRT: Japanese Society of Radiological Technology

  • MII: Medical Imaging and Information Sciences


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Biological fingerprint using scout computed tomographic images for positive patient identification., Ueda Y, Morishita J, Hongyo T, Medical physics,46(10) 4600-4609, 2019.10, Papers

  • Usefulness of biological fingerprint in magnetic resonance imaging for patient verification., Ueda Y, Morishita J, Kudomi S, Ueda K, Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing,54(9) 1341-1351, 2016.09,, Papers

  • Automatic ROI construction for analyzing time-signal intensity curve in dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging of the breast., Fujimoto K, Ueda Y, Kudomi S, Yonezawa T, Fujimoto Y, Ueda K, Radiological Physics and Technology,9(1) 30-36, 2016.01,, Papers

  • A new method for determining the optimal CT threshold for extracting the upper airway., Nakano H, Mishima K, Ueda Y, Matsushita A, Suga H, Miyawaki Y, Mano T, Mori Y, Ueyama Y, Dento maxillo facial radiology, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 26397438, Dento Maxillo Facial Radiology,42(3) 26397438, 2013.04,, Papers

  • Correction of liver displacement due to irregular respiration for SPECT images obtained using a multiple short-time acquisition with breath-holding technique., Ueda Y, Kudomi S, Koike M, Oishi Y, Iwanaga H, Ueda K, Radiological Physics and Technology,5(1) 71-77, 2012.01,, Papers

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Awards 【 display / non-display

  • Radiological Physics and Technology Doi Awards, Koya Fujimoto, Yasuyuki Ueda, Shohei Kudomi, Teppei Yonezawa, Yuki Fujimoto, Katsuhiko Ueda, Radiological physics and technology, 2016.12


Conference management 【 display / non-display

  • International Conference, The 3rd International Conference on Radiological Science and Technology, Organizing Committee, 2017.10

  • National Conference, The 69th Annual Scientific Congress of the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology, Organizing Committee, 2013.04

Outside Activity Management 【 display / non-display

  • Public Corporation, Japanese Society of Radiological Technology, 2013.04 - 2015.04