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CHENG Chen-Mou



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  • 2016.07.01 - , Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor


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  • Portable Implementation of Lattice-Based Cryptography Using JavaScript, Ye Yuan, Chen-Mou Cheng, Shinsaku Kiyomoto, Yutaka Miyake, Tsuyoshi Takagi, CANDAR, 58-67, 2015.12,,, Papers

  • A 1.96mm2 low-latency multi-mode crypto-coprocessor for PKC-based IoT security protocols, Cheng-Rung Tsai, Ming-Chun Hsiao, Wen-Chung Shen, An-Yeu Andy Wu, Chen-Mou Cheng, ISCAS, 834-837, 2015.05,, Papers

  • A Memory Efficient Variant of an Implementation of the F4 Algorithm for Computing Gröbner Bases, Yun-Ju Huang, Wei-Chih Hong, Chen-Mou Cheng, Jiun-Ming Chen, Bo-Yin Yang, INTRUST, 374-393, 2014.12,, Papers

  • Parallelization of QUAD Stream Cipher Using Linear Recurring Sequences on Graphics Processing Units, Satoshi Tanaka, Chen-Mou Cheng, Takanori Yasuda, Kouichi Sakurai, CANDAR, 543-548, 2014.12,,, Papers

  • A User-Friendly Authentication Solution Using NFC Card Emulation on Android, Haw Lee, Wei-Chih Hong, Chia-Hung Kao, Chen-Mou Cheng, SOCA, 271-278, 2014.11,,, Papers

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  • International Conference, The 19th Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, General Co-chair, 2017.09

  • International Conference, The 10th International Conference on Network and System Security, Executive Co-chair, 2016.09

  • International Conference, The 19th International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Public-Key Cryptography, General Co-chair, 2016.03

  • International Conference, The 4th International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography, General Chair, 2011.11