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Deguchi Shinji


Molecular and Cellular bioengineering, Mechanobiology

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  • 2016.04.01 - , Department of Mechanical Science and Bioengineering, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor

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Nagoya University Faculty of Engineering  Graduated 1999.03
Nagoya University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Completed 2001.03
Tohoku University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Completed 2004.03

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  • A possible common physical principle thet underlies animal vocalization: theoretical considerations with an unsteady airflow-structure interaction model, Deguchi, S., Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering, 2017.01, Papers

  • Tensile strength of oxygen plasma-created surface layer of PDMS, Ohishi, T. Noda, H. Matsui, T.S. Jile, H. Deguchi, S., Journal of Micrimechnics and Micriengineering,27, 015015, 2017.01, Papers

  • Vinexin family (SORBS) proteins play different roles in stiffness-sensing and contractile force generation, Ichikawa, T., Kita, M., Matsui, T.S., Ichikawa-Nagasato, A., Araki, T., Chiang, S.H., Sezaki, T., Kimura, Y., Ueda, K., Deguchi, S., Saltiel, A.R., Kioka, N., Journal of Cell Science,130, 3517-3531, 2017.01, Papers

  • Cellular force assay detects altered contractility caused by a nephritis-associated mutation in nonmuscle myosin IIA, Fukuda, S.P., Matsui, T.S., Ichikawa, T., Furukawa, T., Kioka, N., Fukushima, S., Deguchi, S., Development, Growth & Differentiation,59(5), 423-433, 2017.01, Papers

  • The opposite mechano-response of paxillin phosphorylation between subcellular and whole-cell levels is explained by a minimal model of cell–substrate adhesions., Deguchi S., Saito, A.C., Matsui, T.S., Huang, W.J., Sato, M., Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering,12(2), 16-00670, 2017.01, Papers

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