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  • 2016.04.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor

  • 2016.10.14 - , Center for Twin Research, Graduate School of Medicine

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  • Virology-related

  • Virology-related

  • Virology-related


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  • Two neuropsychiatric cases seropositive for bornavirus improved by ribavirin, Matsunaga H, Fukumori A, Mori K, Honda T, Uema T, Tomonaga K., Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases,in press, 2018.09, Papers

  • Prevalence of antibodies against Borna disease virus proteins in Japanese children with autism spectrum disorder., Honda T., Sofuku K., Matsunaga H., Tachibana M., Mohri I., Taniike M., Tomonaga K., Microbiology and Immunology,in press, 2018.05, Papers

  • A single amino acid substitution within the Paramyxovirus Sendai virus nucleoprotein is a critical determinant for production of IFN-beta-inducing copyback-type defective interfering genomes, Yoshida A, Kawabata R, Honda T, Sakai K, Ami Y, Sakaguchi T, Irie T., Journal of Virology,92(5) e02094-17, 2018.03, Papers

  • Influence of Endogenous Viral Sequences on Gene Expression, Sofuku K., Honda T., Gene Expression and Regulation in Mammalian Cells, 67-80, 2018.02, Review Papers

  • Potential links between hepadnavirus and bornavirus sequences in the host genome and cancer , Honda T., Frontiers in Microbiology,8, 2537, 2017.12, Review Papers

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  • The 14th International Student Seminar, 2016.02

  • The 12th International Student Seminar, 2014.02