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  • 2013.04.01 - 2016.03.28, Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Doctoral Program Student

  • 2016.04.01 - , Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Specially Appointed Researcher

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Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Completed 2016.03

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  • Civil engineering material, execution and construction management-related


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  • Impact Elastic-Wave Method For Detection Of Grouting Condition Of Post-Tensioned Tendon Ducts In PC Members Using Acoustic Transfer Function, Shinichi Hattori, Toshiro Kamada, Shinya Uchida and Hibiki Asakura , Proceeding有, 2015.08, Papers

  • 音響伝達関数を用いた衝撃弾性波法によるPCグラウト充填状況の非破壊評価手法の検討, 服部 晋一,鎌田 敏郎,内田慎哉, コンクリート構造物の補修、補強、アップグレードシンポジウム論文報告集,14巻・pp.707-714, 2014.10, Papers

  • Impact Elastic-Wave Methods for Detection of Grouting Condition in Post-Tensioning Tendon Ducts of PC Members using Adaptive Noise Canceller, Shinichi Hattori,Toshiro Kamada,Shinya Uchida, Proceedings有, 2014.07, Papers